The importance of nutrition, supplements

Chad Case and Son

Love the game of football.

Chad Case and Son

Strive for greatness.
Practice. Practice some more.
Hit the weights, and build up every muscle in the body.
Take the field and let it rip.
Follow the aforementioned steps, and you’re probably going to come off the field in good shape.
But don’t stop there.
Listen up, budding football standouts.
Listen to what Chad Case has to say.
“I think when you have an athlete that nails their nutrition and nails the supplementation, not only is the performance dramatically increased because they’re healthier and stronger and faster, but that performance is sustained.”
Chad Case knows what he’s talking about. The former collegiate linebacker and coach has shifted his focus to nutrition and supplements.
A certified Nutritionist, certified Children’s Nutritionist and CEO of Max Muscle in Nebraska, Case has brought his considerable knowledge and expertise to NFA.
As we mentioned earlier, talent, attitude and work ethic can carry you far in football. But eating right and taking the proper supplements are often overlooked.
That’s where Chad Case comes in.
“Supplements are very important and the reason is, the vast of majority of us, we’re not getting all the nutrients we need out of our daily diet,” Case said. “The way lifestyles are, everything so on the go, it’s hectic. We’re often in a position where we have to eat what’s convenient. And more and more, we’re eating processed foods, which really strips away a lot of the nutrition we need to be getting.
“I work with athletes to solve this problem. There are a lot of nutrients we’re not getting on a day-to-day basis that we need. Supplements are very, very important.”
So, what are supplements and why are they so important?
Supplements are vitamins and minerals that help make the body feel healthier and stronger.
You can take all the supplements you want, but that doesn’t mean you’ll become a better football player.
“What I think sometimes happens and gets misconstrued is people think if they take a supplement they don’t have to have good nutrition in conjunction with it,” Case said. “But obviously, the word supplement is just that – it’s in addition to. So we have to start everything with the foundation of proper nutrition. From there, we can supplement with that and it makes it extremely effective.
“In today’s day and age, as more and more research is being done in regards to supplementation, there is so much evidence and proof of how beneficial it is. The thought process that you don’t need supplements is an antique idea; it’s an old thought process that’s gone away.”
Supplements – coupled with sound nutrition – can give you a competitive edge on the football field.
But supplements can be harmful if you’re not properly educated. Fortunately for the NFA nation, Case is on the staff.
“I go all over and speak to athletes of all ages and educate them on proper nutrition and what I call safe supplementation,” Case said. “What I mean by that is the supplement industry is not regulated like the food industry. When you and I go to the grocery store and buy a can of corn like Green Giant or Delmonte corn, we don’t worry if there’s corn in the can. We know there’s corn in the can because the Food and Drug Administration regulates that.
“The supplement industry is becoming more and more regulated, but by and large it’s not. So what you’re looking for is, No. 1, the person I’m talking to, the person advising me on supplementations, what are there credentials? Are they simply a commissioned salesperson or is this a professional?
“Are they a certified nutritionist? Are they giving me the best advice possible? As for the products I’m taking, are they tested? Are they safe for sports or are they a banned substance? It’s not as if we’re taking something and putting it in our hair and the worst thing that happens is our hair falls out. That would be awful, but we’re ingesting these supplements and putting them into our body, so we have to be very, very protective of what we put in our body. I’m a parent myself so especially when we’re talking about what type of supplements our kids are potentially taking, we have to be educated.”
Getting information on supplements and proper nutrition is easy – just contact Chad Case.
“I encourage everybody in the NFA community, they can reach out to me and we can hop on the phone and go through a consultation,” Case said. “I have a lot of players who simply take pictures of supplements they’re interested in buying and send me the information over the phone. Then, I can research the product for them. My role with NFA is serving as a resource center for athletes and parents to make sure that in this very confusing, often complicated world with supplementation, their kids are taking supplements that are safe for sports; they’re not banned substances and they’re healthy and they’re age appropriate.
“On top of that, we do get into deeper nutrition as far as kids that are trying to gain weight and they struggle with nutrition components. I can help them with what they need to be eating on a day in and day out basis to get where they need to go.”
Whether it is during the season or off-season, proper nutrition and supplement usage is important.
“With proper supplementation and nutrition, you can recover from after practice and after games so throughout the season you are strong and able to perform at the highest level,” Case said. “As we look at this as a track or a path, they have a goal of playing high school varsity football or even playing college football. We know they have to develop in order to get there. By having proper nutrition and proper supplementation, I know we are maximizing their growth and development to give them the best opportunity to be the best football players they can be.”