Games are won on Offense; Championships are won on the LINE!


NFA has is excited about the progress of the OLA (Offensive Line Academy). The young men that have been attending the OLA Camps and the Coaches attending OLA Certifications have been blown away! OLA Has former NFL Coaches, Coaches that have played in the BIG TEN and some of the Elite Line Coaches in America. As a Youth or High School Coach It is a no-brainier. If you want to have any success at all you better get every one of your linemen to a OLA Camp asap! See, you can have the best QB on earth but he can’t throw touchdowns laying on his back with a Defensive Player on top of him. Send your guy’s to OLA increase TD’s;decrease Sacks. “As a young player you should know that to be a great lineman you must work you trade everyday!” Irv Pankey -15 Yr NFL Linemen LA Rams. Well how can you get better at your trade? OLA

THERE IS AN OLA CAMP COMING NEAR YOU SOON! Sign up or take the chance of sitting on the bench in the fall!

by A.Siegal