Everyday 1,000’s of High School Football Players receive a letter from a University. What does that mean? Does it mean they are all being recruited by those schools? No! Colleges will send out 1,000’s of form letters to players that have been entered into their database. 95% of them will never receive a scholarship offer. But, it is still a good thing to receive these letters. It means someone somewhere gave your information to that school.College  recruiting is like  a funnel.


FORM LETTERS from the Colleges.

HANDWRITTEN Letters from the Coaches.

PHONE CALLS from the Coaches.

 Coaches visit you at School and  at your House

Coaches bring you to their School on a OFFICIAL VISIT

You receive a Written SCHOLARSHIP OFFER!  

The form letter just means they have received information on you. Handwritten letters mean they have an interest in you. THEY HAVE NOT OFFERED you yet, but have an interest and will evaluate you further. When a Coach starts calling you they feel you are a recruit for that school. They have seen on film you have the ability to play at that level. THIS DOES NOT MEAN THEY HAVE OFFERED YOU YET! When they visit you at school, they are making sure all their information is correct. They are trying to learn what kind of person you are. They are getting academic information on you and good recruiters will do spy work. They will talk to your teachers, counselors, coaches and maybe even other students. They want to know what kind of student and person you are. A scholarship is a huge investment by the college and they want to know what they are getting for their investment. They will visit your house to talk to you and your family. They are trying to build a strong relationship with you. A good recruiter should almost become a family friend to you and your family. They do this so that when it is time to offer you it is very hard for you to say no. Who wants to say no to a great family friend? Next if you get to the official visit stage, they are pretty sure they want to offer you a scholarship. They will be evaluating you on the visit. They may verbally offer you on the visit. If they do not, it means you have a few people higher on their list at your position but they still like you. Finally, when they offer you in writing a scholarship, you know you have reached your goal. How can you get help getting into this funnel and navigating these confusing waters of college recruiting? PROSPECT-FIT! They will get you to pass the eyeball test when the coach comes to see you. They will help you increase your performance on the field and they can help get your name into the funnel! CALL PROSPECT FIT TODAY! Tell Them Coach Siegal Sent you.

By A. Siegal