So you have dreamed since you were little about one day playing College Football. You’re in High School now and you are starting to wonder how can I get there? Getting recruited is not easy. There are 1,000’s of “SO CALLED RECRUITING SERVICES” that claim that if you sign up, we will get you a scholarship. Well how are they going to do that? Are they going to wave a magic wand over your head and POOF, you have a scholarship???? NOPE. These same services will charge you $1,000’s of Dollars and all they do is put your video on a website and e-mail a “resume” to colleges. Well the college coaches don’t know these guy’s and don’t like mass e-mails so they just click delete. So how can you get in front of a coach? What is your plan? Do you know someone that can pick up a phone and call College Coaches directly? Well then you need help. Help is here! Prospect Fit. Prospect Fit will get you the tools to get you  in  physical shape so you will be able to perform at the collegiate level. You will be instructed with Diet, Nutrition, Speed Training, Strength Training etc…. Also the Prospect Fit Coaches have coached at Major Universities like: UCLA,UCF,LSU, Southern Miss, Nevada……. They have been named by Rivals as top recruiters in the nation. These coaches can pick up a phone and call Division 1, 1AA, D2, NAIA and Division 3 Head Coaches on their personal Cells to talk about you. No recruiting service has this kind of power and the best thing is….. PROSPECTFIT is not a recruiting service. It is a program that trains you to get on the track to be physically and mentally  able to get recruited . Also, if you combine Prospect Fit with NFA Camps to improve your position skills, you have created a formidable team. SIGN UP TODAY! When you sign up, your one step closer to achieving your dream.

By A.Siegal