Phillips Breaks 7 on 7 Records in Kentucky


      Louisville, KY – When the NFA van pulls into Louisville, KY for the C4 camp June 20th a hometown QBA veteran will be waiting. Blake Phillips, a rising freshman at Kentucky Day School has attended camps for several years – 14 camps to date.Two trips to camps in Orlando have been favorites. This past December he traveled to Denver to be a part of the ProspectFit Boot Camp. He had a great time at this challenging event and was inspired to work even harder.┬áHis dedication and hard work paid off this spring in a record-breaking season in the Louisville Middle School 7 on 7 league. Twenty-four teams participated. Blake threw for a record 48 touchdowns with only 2 interceptions. This impressive performance resulted in an undefeated season and the city championship. Even with his individual success Blake is quick to give credit to his receivers and coaches.

Blake also gives QBA and Coach Darin┬áSlack a lot of credit for his success. But obviously he puts in an enormous amount of time and effort. He follows a strenuous workout regimen. His 6000 calorie a day diet is supervised by the staff at ProspectFit. At 6’0″ tall he weighs in over 175 pounds. This summer he will be throwing and lifting – working hard to be ready for the season.

It is his goal to succeed at the next level. He wants nothing more than to help his team in any way that he can. Blake is no longer one of the smaller and younger quarterbacks like when he started. He has grown not only in size but in knowledge and skill, well on his way and an example for others to follow.