Madden Lowe locked in on being strong leader


In addition to giving quarterbacks the tools and knowledge to take the football field with a competitive advantage, NFA stresses the importance of being the best leader and teammate possible.
Madden Lowe is a perfect fit with the NFA program. Not only is the eighth grader from Spotsylvania, Virgina a highly skilled QB, he already understands there is much more to the game than simply moving the chains.
As he prepares for his second season at Ni River Middle School, Lowe has one main goal. “I really want to lead my teammates much more,” he said. “Last year wasn’t as good as I wanted it to be. This year, I want to know my teammates better and help everyone become more united.”
Lowe is as competitive as they come. In addition to being a rising young quarterback, he is also a standout soccer and basketball player.

Home at QB

Football is No. 1, and Lowe has been playing tackle since he was eight. After lining up at every position and gaining a thorough overall understanding of the game, he settled in at quarterback four years ago.
Lowe has found a home under center. “I just love going in the huddle and knowing everyone is listening to you and you have to lead your team on every drive and try to score touchdowns,” he said. “At receiver and other positions, you might be doing it more for yourself a lot of the time. At quarterback, you’re always touching the ball and you have to bring the whole team together.”
Lowe did that last year. On a Ni River team loaded with eighth graders, the seventh grader led the Falcons to a 4-3 record. The bar is set higher this season.

Season goals

“Last year we came up just short of getting to the championship, so I really want to get to that this year,” Lowe said. “As a seventh grader last year, I was learning a lot and just playing. This year, I know the defenses a lot better and I know what it’s like. I know what to expect a lot more.”
Again, he also knows there is more to playing quarterback than moving the ball up and down the field.
“I want to become a better person as a football player,” Lowe said. “Last year, I was thinking about the game too much instead of how I presented myself to others. I want to become more humble and make better plays by being more humble because teammates take you more seriously that way.”
To prepare for the upcoming season, Lowe was selected to play in the USA Developmental Games, where he was the starting QB and captain for Team Silver.
He also got an invite to the Duel and finished second among incoming eighth graders. “I wasn’t really expecting anything when I went to the Duel,” Lowe said. “I just wanted to go and compete and meet new people. I wanted to see how I would do and where I was. I did pretty good, got to the finals, and I felt really good throwing the ball. It was awesome to do so well, but I know that I have to keep working. Second isn’t first, so I have to do better.”
Lowe has been attending NFA camps for two years, which has helped him with throwing mechanics and grasping the R4 system. He also trains with local NFA coach Tyrone Crabb.
Lowe played in a Power I offense last season, so throwing opportunities were limited. This year, Ni River is switching to a Spread based attack, with a confident Lowe looking forward to elevating his game.
“It’s going to be awesome,” said Lowe, a straight-A student. “Having some success this summer, I know that I did well. But I just try to stay calm and know that I always want to get better.”

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