LaBronz Davis has skills

LaBronz Davis, Quarterback

There’s a special kid playing football in the shadows of the Ohio State Buckeyes.
He’s only 12, but the more snaps LaBronz Davis takes from center, the more you can tell he’s going to be a special quarterback.
NFA coach Will Hewlett has been developing up-and-coming QBs for years, and Davis is pushing his way to the front of the current line.
“First of all, he has great athleticism,” Hewlett said. “And he’s a hard-working kid. Great future.”
As for the present, wow.
Playing for the Christian Youth Athletic Association Saints, Davis is already lighting it up.
“I love playing football,” Davis said. “It’s a lot of fun and I’m always working to improve. I think there’s always room to improve. You just can’t stop where you’re at.”
Davis has been driving forward since he was 4 years old, the age he started playing football.
Not only is he already showing big-time skills, Davis has lost only one game since he’s been playing for CYAA, a span of nine seasons.
This year, Davis had to sit out the Saints’ season opener with a finger injury, but he has been a force since returning to the field.
Davis has thrown 15 touchdown passes in four games and also run for 4 scores.
“I try to be a leader for the team,” Davis said. “Put the team on your shoulders
and just try to win.”
Davis has attended NFA camps the past two years, and he finished first in his age group during the Duel of the Dozens at Canton, Ohio, this past July.
He also accepted an invitation to join NFA’s elite Blackshirt program, so look for Davis’ already advanced skills to keep on rising.
Davis raved about how NFA has helped him improve his passing mechanics, footwork and ability to read opposing defenses.
“They really helped me out with my accuracy throwing the football,” Davis said. “I already had the arm, but I couldn’t get the ball to the receivers right on the money. They helped me out a lot of with the mechanics and my footwork.”
While he’s already been a huge success on the football field, Davis is also a straight-A student at highly regarded Columbus Academy.
And while football is his favorite sport, Davis is also an all-star performer in basketball and baseball.
“I really like playing sports, but football is No. 1 for me,” Davis said. “I’ve been playing football since I was little and I really like the competition, the contact and trying to help my team win games.”