Future impact: Ty Lytle

Ty Lytle - Quarterback

To become the best quarterback possible, it helps to learn from the best.

Ty Lytle – Quarterback

Meet Ty Lytle.
After starting off as a running back and linebacker, the 5-foot-8, 125-pounder out of San Diego transitioned to quarterback last season as a seventh grader.
He’s had plenty of help switching positions.
Lytle has been working with QBA/NFA for the past year, and last season, Rick Mirer was his offensive coordinator in the Torrey Pines Pop Warner League.
Mirer was a college quarterback at Notre Dame and he played in the NFL for 12 seasons after being the No. 2 overall pick in the 1993 draft.
Lytle has also worked with another former NFL quarterback, Jeff Garcia.
And when he was playing linebacker for Torrey Pines, Lytle’s coach was former Southern California All-American and NFL Pro Bowler Duane Bickett.
“I have been fortunate to have the chance to work with a lot of great coaches,” Lytle said. “Playing quarterback, I’ve gotten a lot of help working on the basics of the position, learning the proper technique, dropping back and understanding routes.”
An excellent student, Lytle has won the Little Scholar All-American Award two years in a row.
Transferring his smarts from the classroom to football field has helped Lytle quickly develop into a quarterback with a bright future.
“From a learning standpoint, being able to learn things and pick up things in the classroom has really helped me in football,” Lytle said. “Just knowing what plays to call, what the rest of the offense is supposed to be doing and what my responsibilities are, it is very important when you are playing quarterback.”
As he gains size and strength, Lytle’s passing skills will sharpen.
In the Junior Rank camp, Lytle impressed coaches with his football acumen and knack for making quick, accurate decisions.
After just one year playing quarterback, Lytle has already learned to spread the football around to all of his receivers and dump off short passes to his running backs.
After one more year in Pop Warner football, Lytle will choose between Cathedral Catholic and Torrey Pines High School.
Following high school, his dream is to make the short trip up the West Coast and play QB for Southern Cal.
While he is also a standout lacrosse and basketball player, football is Lytle’s sport of choice.
“I’m all in for football,” Lytle said. “It’s the sport I really have the passion for. The competition on the field, playing as a team, leading the offense, they are all things I really enjoy doing.”