Davis Brin continues impressive climb


Expected to have a standout football season as a freshman at Boerne Champion High School in Texas this year, Davis Brin did just that – and much, much more.
After leading the Chargers’ top frosh team to an 8-2 overall record and co-District championship, Brin received some surprising news. “The varsity brought up three freshman all together and I was so excited to be one of them,” he said.
Not only did he get to suit up with the Boerne Champion varsity, a powerful team that was 11-0 before losing a second-round playoff game to a Cedar Park team that has advanced to the Texas Class 5A, Division II title game, Brin got to take a few snaps in the playoffs.
“That was absolutely awesome,” he said. “I was so excited and getting into a game was just so great. At first, a little bit of nerves got to me but I was really exited. Coach told me to warm up and I was like, ‘Wow, this is happening.’ It was awesome.”

Deserving promotion

While he was surprised by the varsity promotion, Brin was very deserving. After guiding Boerne Middle School South to an 8-1 record and District title as an eighth grader, Brin won the Duel last summer and then had a big season with the freshmen.
“We had a great year,” he said. “I improved on a lot of things throughout the season, my ball speed, leadership, placing the ball where it needed to be and I improved a lot throwing on the run.”
Quarterbacks that have competed in the Duel are well aware of the importance of throwing on the move during the Gauntlet portion of the NFA showcase event, and Brin fared very well in that part of the competition.
“I improved a lot on that, and I really improved on throwing on the run during the Duel,” Brin said. “NFA has brought me a long way. Hopefully, they’ll bring me even farther. And they’ve really helped me a lot with my leadership skills.”

Comeback kid

“68 and breezy” is an NFA mantra, and it means staying cool and calm during the heat of a game.
Brin obviously took the message to heart, because he led the Chargers’ freshman team to three wins on the final drive of the game.
“I just try to keep controlled under the pressure and execute plays,” Brin said. “I just try to drive down the field and move the chains. There is some adrenaline, but I’m able to keep cool. I try to keep the tempo up and get the team going and get the excitement up. I try to encourage the team that we’re going to do this.”
Now, Brin is looking at a very encouraging future on the Boerne Champion varsity. His goal is to get plenty of playing time as a sophomore while backing up talented senior QB Josh Green.
“I’m going to continue working with NFA to get ready for next season,” said Brin, who will be at the Houston Off Season Development camp Dec. 26-28.
At 6-foot-2, 162 pounds, Brin is also going to hit the weights to prepare for the physical play at the varsity level. “I’m setting a goal to be at 180 pounds by Sept. 1,” he said. “Getting a chance to play with the varsity was a great experience, and I’m going to work as hard as I can to be ready for next year.”

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