Ben Trubia: Picture perfect

Ben Trubia, QB

NFL quarterback Matt Flynn, college standouts Braxton Miller (Ohio State) and James Franklin (Missouri) and Florida recruit Max Staver all attended NFA camps to elevate their games to the highest level.
They tapped the expertise of a standout NFA staff of coaches that includes founder Darin Slack, Will Hewlett, JC Boice, Dub Maddox, Chad Case and Adam Britt.
Hundreds of fledgling young quarterbacks from all over the United States and Canada have also reaped the benefits of the NFA experience, including Ben Trubia.
“I don’t know what’s made a bigger impression on Ben, Coach Slack’s talks or learning the detailed mechanics of throwing a football,” said Rob Trubia, Ben’s dad. “Ben’s always had a strong arm. He’s barely 70 pounds and he routinely can throw the ball well over 30 yards, but I knew that would only take him so far. There is so much to the position of quarterback and we knew he’d need elite coaching to realize his potential.
“So when we found NFA we were thrilled! In a few short years NFA has already taught Ben so much about playing the position of quarterback, not to mention what it means to truly lead his teammates. We know football ends for everybody no matter how good they are, so the fact that NFA is teaching our son servant leadership makes this a lifetime investment.”
From throwing motions to footwork, NFA coaches are highly skilled at teaching and implementing the mechanics found in all quality QBs.
But they also help develop the traits that allow quarterbacks to step up and become great leaders on and off the field.
Ben Trubia attended his first NFA/QB Next camp in Baltimore as a third grader and followed up with a trip to the invitation only Duel competition in Canton Ohio.
After winning the fourth/fifth grade competition, Ben played quarterback for a sixth grade team in a larger football program near his home in Fairfax, Vermont.
“We were really proud of him,” said Wendy Trubia, Ben’s mom. “He didn’t know any of his teammates at the beginning of the season and before the first game it was clear that he had won their respect and friendship despite the fact that he was a fifth grader playing on a sixth grade team.”
Despite being over 100 pounds lighter than his center and often being the shortest player on the field, Ben had a big season at QB and his efforts won him his team’s “Rookie of the Year” award.
“Clearly, Ben wouldn’t be accomplishing what he is without NFA,” Rob Trubia said. “We’re thrilled for him.”
Ben actually helped NFA following his fourth grade season. He was asked by NFA to guest star with Coach Slack and his son, Michael Slack, in a brand new instructional DVD specifically created for the young quarterback.
Ben worked with Coach Slack on camera demonstrating dozens of fun backyard drills that young quarterbacks can do with their dad or coach to help develop their skills. The DVD is expected to be released by NFA in time for Christmas.
Ben’s busy schedule also includes photographing high school football games in his hometown of Fairfax.
“My dad’s a professional photographer and has shot a lot of NFL football games, including Super Bowls, so I have always thought sports photography was cool,” Ben said. “It’s really fun being right on the sideline and you have to guess what each play will be so you’re ready for the best picture. It’s just like if you were playing.”
Ben was pleasantly shocked to see his published work for the first time in his community’s daily paper. “It was really neat to see one of my pictures across the front page of the sports section,” he said.
While he plans on playing quarterback for as long as he can, when it’s time to hang up his cleats Ben figures his camera will keep him in the game.