12 year old has set the bar!


If you’ve met Brett Kean, then you’ll understand why he’s able to do what he does. Displaying accuracy that is not matched by most highschoolers, consistency and play making ability that leaves you wandering about what age he really is. Brett is only 12 and is on his way to becoming a household name among FloridaQB’s. He will be competing inFBU’sTopgunChallenge laterthis month, a national competition among youth and high school Quarterbacks.

Kean recently was at the DSQA facility to work on his mechanics and refine his Quarterback play. Brett realizes that he still has to work hard to achieve his goals and knows that he’s not perfect. During the session we worked on lowering his release time and  he “cracked the code” on separation and release speed by the end of it. By far our fastest release from a 12 year old and most HS QB’s for that matter. He’s on par with most college QB’sand still has room to improvement if you can believe that.

Check out the video from his least session and some highlights from last year and see for your self.