Quinten Dormady: Instant impact


With so much quality high school football talent in Texas, there is a long list of skilled players that have to wait until their senior seasons before getting a chance to make an impact.
Quinten Dormady is on a decidedly faster track.
As a sophomore at Boerne High School this past season, the 6-foot-3, 185-pounder started at quarterback and led the Greyhounds to a 6-5 record.
“I got the opportunity to start and it was a great year,” Dormady said. “It was awesome. I had a blast and I can’t wait until next year.”
Neither can the rest of the Greyhounds, considering Dormady overcame a lack of varsity football experience and completed 228 of 372 passes for 3,010 yards and 27 touchdowns.
In Week 7 of Boerne H.S.’s schedule, Dormady took his game to an incredibly high level while passing for 377 yards and 4 touchdowns in a district win over Fredericksburg.
At season’s end, he was voted the Offensive Player of the Year in District 27.
“I’m really happy it turned out that way, and I feel like I had a great year,” Dormady said. “I was always confident. I believed in myself and believed I could do anything. But I had a lot of help. I had great receivers and a great running back, too. And the offensive line was pretty big for a Class 3-A team and they did a really good job protecting me. It was a great year all around.”
Dormady is also quick to credit all of the help he’s gotten off the field as he’s quickly developed into a standout quarterback.
Over the past two years, he has been to seven NFA camps.
“NFA coaches have definitely helped me improve, especially with the little things,” Dormady said. “I had some trouble throwing the deep ball and they helped me with the mechanics and trying to keep the velocity on it as well as I could.”
At Boerne, Dormady is playing for his father Mike, who just completed his first season as head coach.
Over 80 coaches applied for the head job at Boerne and Mike Dormady came out on top. He had the Greyhounds run the spread offense in his debut season, a smart move considering Quinten excels running the system. However, he had to earn his starting job.
“The quarterback from last year was more of a running quarterback, so he actually played some running back and defensive back this season,” Quinten Dormady said. “Another player that played some quarterback was moved to receiver. I had some competition when I came down to Boerne, but I’m more of a pocket passer than a runner. Sitting in the pocket and passing is more my strong suit than running and I think that helps you in the spread offense.”
Dormady had a breakout season as a sophomore, but he immediately started looking to improve his game after the final snap.
In addition to off-season training, Dormady went back to NFA to smooth out some rough spots.
“I definitely want to try to get better throwing on the run and even running the ball more than I did last year,” he said. “I didn’t run much at all, even though I really didn’t have to in the offense we ran. I do want to be a little better in our run game, especially on zone reads.”
Dormady bounced between wide receiver and quarterback when he started playing football at an early age. By the time he reached seventh grade, he started playing QB on a full-time basis and hasn’t stopped since.
“I knew I had a lot to work on, a lot to improve since I started playing quarterback,” Dormady said. “I knew running wasn’t my strong suit, so I’ve always worked to try and get faster. But I do feel like I found a home at quarterback, for sure.”
In addition to working with NFA, Dormady spends a lot of time throwing with his father Mike, who was also a high school quarterback before going on to play college baseball at Wisconsin-Stout.
“My dad hasn’t always been my coach, but ever since I started playing quarterback my dad’s always worked with me and helped me,” Quinten Dormady said. “NFA has also helped me and that’s given me an advantage over some other kids.”
While he lives outside San Antonio, Dormady roots for the Green Bay Packers. He followed Brett Favre and now watches Aaron Rodgers.
“Originally, it was Brett Favre,” Dormady said. “I loved that guy. He was always a slinger, but I liked him more as an individual. I never really tried to emulate him because I knew he did a lot of things wrong, even though he definitely got the job done. When Aaron Rogers came in and started playing, I definitely tried to emulate him because he does the little things. He’s great on the run and I admire his whole game.”
Even though he was spectacular as a sophomore QB, Dormady has the talent and work ethic to get even better. Next season, he figures to hit the radar of multiple college programs.
“Yes, I have definitely thought about playing at the next level,” Dormady said. “I haven’t really gotten into it too deep, but I would love to play college football if I get the opportunity. That’s definitely something I’m looking at and looking forward to.”
As for colleges he would like to play for, Dormady said he has no specific programs in mind.
“I really don’t have a wish list or a favorite school,” he said. “I’d just love the opportunity to just go play football at the next level. That’s just an honor to be able to do that and it’s an accomplishment.”


  1. Great article! Motivating for all the young QB’s working hard to earn that starting spot.