QBA 13 yr old beats out seniors on way to camp MVP


CHARLOTTE, North Carolina –

At the only full contact camp in the nation, Sloan Drummonds Jr. was just awarded the MVP Quarterback Award.  This is a great honor to win in the setting of his peers at the age of 13, but Sloan Jr. took it above and beyond that honor and won the MVP award while playing for the seniors group.

The rising 8th grader didn’t stop there; he also won the superbowl game held the last day of camp throwing 3 touch downs including the final pass with seconds left on the clock to win it for the East.  Playing against All Americans that are rising Juniors and Seniors from across the nation, never in the 42 year history of the camp has a 13 year old ever accomplished so much.

On New Year’s Day 2010, Drummonds Jr. will compete in the Offensive-Defensive All American Bowl held in Myrtle Beach, S.C. where he will play for the East Team which is to be aired on Fox Sports Network.  When Sloan Drummonds Sr. was approached by the camp director about where his son had received training, Drummonds Sr. informed that his son “is a pupil of the QBA Quarterback Academy by Darin Slack”.

Even though Sloan Sr. had received a full football scholarship and played linebacker at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; he knew that he couldn’t teach Sloan Jr. anymore about the QB position past the age of 10.

When asked about when he knew his son was special Sloan Sr. says “I knew he was special when he launched a football at a competition 45 yards, at the age of 10!”  It was then that he realized he needed to take him to the next level.  After much research, he heard about Darin Slack’s work in Orlando, Fl.  Sloan Jr. attended his first DSQA Camp over two years ago.  After leaving that camp his dad states “Sloan Jr. came away from that camp with more knowledge of the QB position than I could teach him since he was 4 years old”.

As any father would be, Sloan Sr. is extremely proud of his son’s accomplishments.  He is also thankful for the “life giving skills” that Coach Slack has provided his son during these camps.  “Sloan Jr. has excelled in his classes and is maintaining his honor roll status”.

“My hat is off to Coach Slack and his staff”, said Sloan Drummonds Sr.