Nebraska QB Has Breakthrough Season

Photo Courtesy of Bayard High School

Bayard, NE – When Brandon Stuart began his junior season at Bayard High School he and his head football coach Philep Willey had high hopes for the season but it turned out to be much better than either expected.

“Our offense really exploded this year.  I knew we had the potential to put big numbers up, but we exceeded a little bit what was expected,” said Stuart.

Brandon led the Bayard Tigers to their first Nebraska state playoff appearance since 1993 while breaking 5 state records.  Brandon now owns the records for most completions in a season (209); per game passing average (268.6); most completions in a game (38); most passing yards in a game (448) and maybe the most impressive, most touchdown passes in a game (7) with all of them in the first half!  He also came within 5 yards per game from breaking the Nebraska record for most combined total yardage per game of 311.

“Brandon had a great season,” Coach Willey said.  “The team had to count on him a lot on defense as well as offense, and he handled that pressure well.  He was able to get us out of a lot of bad situations by making plays, and he was able to utilize the players we had.  He was able to get our playmakers the ball in space.”

Finishing the year with 2,417 yards 28 touchdowns a 64% completion percentage and adding over 300 yards and 5 TDs on the ground, Stuart was named the Western Trails Conference’s Most Valuable Player.  Stuart, though credited much of his success to his teammates.

“I think I had a lot more help around me this year, and I was a more experienced player.  Things just fell into place,” he said.  “I had plenty of time in the pocket thanks to my linemen, and the receivers caught the ball.  I had four or five good receivers and not many quarterbacks can say that.  It was fun to have that kind of offensive year.  I got to throw the ball around.

Stuart came to QBA’s Denver Camp last summer and said it was the best camp he’s ever been to.

“The camp teaches the basics of how to correct yourself and to be able to learn from what you do wrong.  One of the most important things I learned from the camp is how to become a better leader and how important the teammates around you are.  Throwing the football is only a small part of the game learning how to play and be responsible for your teammates as a QB is one of the hardest things to do. The camp teaches you some of the important characteristics to that job. The technique part of the camp I use every time I pick up a football. It has made a difference in the way I throw a football in both accuracy and velocity.”

Coach Willey also saw the difference in Brandon, “The part that surprised me was the change in Brandon that happened from the moment we left the camp.  The mentoring and leadership aspects of the camp paid big dividends for our team this season.  Brandon focused on sacrificing for the team and serving his teammates every chance he could.  I noticed he starting wearing his Get-2-0 “Passio Bellator” band halfway through the season.  I asked him why he started wearing it and he told me he finally earned it.   I knew our team would be in great hands from that point forward.”