Mikie Kovich on the rise in Virginia


Mikie Kovich on the rise in Virginia

When the Woodgrove (Virginia) High School freshman season ended this year, Mikie Kovich continued on and dressed with the Wolverines’ varsity team. Over the next three seasons, the 5-foot-10, 170-pounder has positioned himself to be a big-time contributor with the big boys.

The enthusiastic Kovich led Woodgrove’s frosh team to a 6-2 record while passing for 1,677 yards and 21 touchdowns and running for 614 yards and 7 more scores. “I’m really happy with the season we had,” he said. “It was a blast. I had so much fun and we just went out there and did what we could. I had some really good stats, so that was nice.”

Averaging over 200 yards a game through the air indicates passing is Kovich’s obvious strength, but he also averaged nearly 80 yards a game on the ground. Can you say classic dual threat?

“Definitely, yeah,” Kovich said. “I try to read the coverage the best I can and if I don’t see anything and I’m not able to throw down the field, I definitely tuck and run.”

Kovich has been under center, passing and running the football, since he was 9 years old. That was also the time he started attending NFA camps. “They’ve helped me more than anything, really,” Kovich said. “I would not be half of where I am right now. I probably wouldn’t even be playing quarterback if it wasn’t for National Football Academies.”

His freshman season is over, but Kovich already has a goal set for his sophomore year. “I want to compete for the starting varsity quarterback job next season,” he said. “I think I can do it and I’m really confident. The only thing that worries me is my size, so that’s really what I’m going to focus on over the off-season, lifting and getting bigger and eating.”

Kovich has pretty good size for his age, and a well-timed growth spurt or two would likely boost his game even more. But when he watches football on TV, Kovich zeroes in on Drew Brees, the 6-foot-0 QB for the NFL’s New Orleans Saints.

“I love to watch Drew Brees play, he’s my favorite,” Kovich said. “Just the way he analyzes the defense and the way he’s so low in his stance, the way he moves around the pocket. He just throws the ball with so much power; it’s awesome. I’m definitely trying to pattern myself after him. I always try to catch the Saints games and look at what he’s doing. I try to be like him as much as I can when I’m on the field.”

While he had some doubts when his football career was just getting started, Kovich is showing he made the right decision by sticking at quarterback and growing into the position. “I love being the guy in control, being the guy everybody looks to in tough situations and the guy that knows everybody’s position,” Kovich said. “Just being the guy, you know?”



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