Marc-Andre Senecal picks right sport


Marc-Andre Senecal picks right sport


Marc-Andre Senecal is a rising athletic star from Montreal, Quebec. Considering the location, Senecal’s sport of choice would obviously seem to be hockey, given the rabid interest in the game throughout Canada.

Senecal is a actually football player – he plays quarterback for the Regina Assumta freshman team. “I never talk about hockey,” he said. “I don’t really know hockey, so it doesn’t feel strange to me. I only play football.”

When he was 4 years old, Senecal first put on the football gear. “When I started playing, I was a fullback and linebacker,” he said. “It was quite a change to go play quarterback.” Now in his third year at QB, Senecal has passed for 1,800 yards and 17 touchdowns while leading the Panthers to a 9-1 record and berth in the Inter-Regional State Final game this weekend.

‘Best season I’ve had’

“I’m quite happy,” Senecal said. “It’s the best season I’ve had in my career. I’m not satisfied with 8 interceptions, but it’s below one per game so I’m satisfied with that. The 17 touchdown passes, well, it’s great. I have really good wide receivers and they help me do my job pretty well. I also have to give a lot of credit to the offensive line and blocking backs, because they also allow me to get the job done. It’ not about me, it’ about the team.”

Transitioning from fullback and linebacker to quarterback is not an easy task, but NFA has helped Senecal improve his game the past two years. He went to NFA camps in Boston, Orlando and Baltimore this year and a Baltimore camp in 2012.

“They’ve really helped me with my reading system,” Senecal said. “My first year at quarterback, we lost all our games and I didn’t have quite an organized reading structure. The reading techniques have improved my throwing techniques also. My first year, I used to hurt my arm because I was slashing a lot. Now, that’s changed since I’ve been going to NFA camps.”

The 5-foot-10, 150-pounder is going to continue to work to get better at QB as he advances at Regina Assumta, and Senecal has already shown he is a natural at the key position on and off the field. “I like being a leader of the team, and I think I’m a good example for them,” he said. “And I like throwing passes and blocking. It feels good to be an important part of the team.”

Senecal said he needs to work on his footwork and gap escapes as well as learning to stay in the pocket as long as possible. Given the impressive numbers he’s put up this season, Senecal should be a quick study.

As he gets older, Senecal hopes to continue excelling as a quarterback and possibly head down to the United States to play college football. “That is definitely a goal that I have,” he said. “I’d really like to play football in college.”

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