Lane Novy makes smooth transition to QB


Lane Novy makes smooth transition to QB


High school football is huge in the state of Texas. And Lane Novy is having a huge season.


As a junior last year, the 6-foot, 215-pounder wanted to play quarterback, but senior Tanner Ramsey was under center for Poteet High School in Mesquite, Texas. Ramsey graduated and is now playing college football at Southwest Baptist University.


When the Pirates wrapped up the 2012 season, Novy went from starting linebacker to starting QB. “I wanted to play quarterback last year, but I was behind one of our seniors,” Novy said. “As soon as the season ended, I started preparing myself physically and mentally to play quarterback.”


Novy prepared himself very well. Not only has the left-hander passed for 2,526 yards and 25 touchdowns, he’s led Poteet to a 9-1 record and berth in the Class 4A playoffs. “I’m really happy with the way the season’s gone so far,” Novy said. “Going undefeated would have been probably the only thing that would have topped how our season’s gone, but I’m still really happy with it.”


While he backed up Ramsey at QB last season and first took some snaps as a freshman, Novy’s usually played linebacker and tight end since he started playing the sport at the age of six.


Perfect home at QB


He has found a perfect home at quarterback, and Novy showed he has the skill to handle the high-profile position this season while putting up big numbers and earning Tom Landry Player of the Year consideration. “I love playing quarterback,” Novy said. “I really like the fact that pretty much almost every play that goes on, you have an outcome in it. And not really knowing what’s going to happen on every play, that makes it kind of fun.”


With Novy operating the Pirates’ offense this season, great things have happened. Poteet has averaged a whopping 45 points a game heading into the playoffs and Novy has sparked the weekly outbursts. “I’ll run if I have to, but I know my job is to get the ball to the people that can run really fast, the athletes basically,” he said. “I just spread the ball to them.”


Novy has been transitioning to the QB position since his freshman year, and he used to rely on his natural ability when it came to throwing the football. “Before I started working with NFA, I could throw the ball but I wasn’t real good mechanically,” Novy said. “You could tell I hadn’t had any training in that position. I was still hitting my receivers and was pretty accurate, but it was nowhere near where I am now.”


Switching from linebacker and tight end to quarterback is not easy, but NFA has helped develop Novy into one of the top passers in the state of Texas. “They helped me a lot,” he said. “They basically taught me how to throw the football properly and they taught me how to carry myself on the field and have the attitude I really need to have playing football, through the good and the bad.”


Putting up such big numbers for a big-time program should have college recruiters flocking to Mesquite, but Novy still finds himself in a holding pattern. That should change soon. “I really want to play college football,” Novy said. “It’s a big goal for me. If it worked out right, South Carolina and UNT (North Texas) would be great; I really like those schools. As of right now, almost any school looks good so I’m pretty open.”


Even though he’s been the starting varsity QB for only one full season, Novy has no doubts he can be just as successful at the collegiate level. “I’ve been playing football for such a long time,” he said. “There is a difference from college to high school, but when you’re so dedicated to the sport and all you want to do is to be perfect at it and you’re always trying to be perfect at everything you do, hopefully that eventually pays off. There’s nothing to be afraid of; you’re just playing football. You just have to have fun with it.”


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