Jack Ederer sparks 11-0 season


Jack Ederer sparks 11-0 season

When he started playing football six years ago, Jack Ederer was a running back on offense and a defensive back on the opposite side of the ball. In sixth grade, he found a new position.

“In sixth grade I changed teams and I became the quarterback,” Ederer said. “I liked it a lot at quarterback. I feel really good being able to control the offense. I get a lot more freedom and I can improvise when I really need. I think it’s a lot of fun.”

Playing for Fort Zumwalt North this past season, located outside St. Louis, Ederer sparked his eighth grade team to an 11-0 record and the Gateway Athletic Conference championship. The team captain passed for 434 yards and 8 touchdowns and ran for a whopping 1,379 yards and 14 scores.

“I’m mostly proud of being with the team and going undefeated for the whole season,” Ederer said. “I’m also proud of doing a lot better passing the ball than I have in the years past.”

Triple option attack

Fort Zumwalt North ran the triple option offense and emphasized running the football. The strategy was a success as the team averaged almost 40 points per game. “Our team is a running team so I run a lot more than I pass,” Ederer said. “We were able to run the ball really well, which is a credit to our offensive line.”

When he did put the ball in the air, Ederer was extremely accurate. While passing for 8 TDs, he did not throw an interception.

Ederer started going to NFA camps last year and he also attended the Duel of the Dozens, finishing third among all of the QBs heading into their eighth grade seasons. “Doing so well in the Duel really helped raise my confidence,” Ederer said. “They’ve helped me a lot. I feel like my passing was a whole lot better this season than it was before I started with NFA.”

Ederer’s dad is already checking on camp locations and dates for next year. “I can’t say enough good things about the NFA camps,” Matt Ederer said. “I think I have recruited a few new campers who have seen the difference in Jack this past season.”

Next season, Ederer’s goal is to play for the Panthers’ varsity team, even if it’s at a different position. “I want to play quarterback again, but I’ll doing anything,” he said. “I want to go varsity all four years, but I know that’s really tough. But it’s something I’m going to work hard to do.”


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