Got-2-0: The QB Who Did


MOUNTAIN VIEW, California –

Who says you have to listen to your critics?  Well Kyle Miller of St. Francis High School certainly didn’t when all through his years of football he was told he would never play as a quarterback in Division 1 due to his height.  Miller stands just 6’0” and 200 lbs and on his way to play QB for the University of San Diego Toreros this fall.

As Captain and starting QB of the Charlie Wedemeyer All-Star Game in the Silicon Valley this past month, Miller carries with him an impressive resume as he prepares for his next challenge.   Breaking school records of passing yards with 2,156, a 41 year old record; surpassing the touchdown record by 8 with 25 TD’s, Kyle also had 6 rushing TD’s, only 7 interceptions in 196 attempts and maintains a 61.7% completion percentage which is also a new school record.  He has been honored as the Daily News Offensive Player of the Year, WCAL Quarterback of the Year and Under Armour Bay Area All-Star just to name a few and this is just his Senior Year accomplishments.

Needless to say Kyle Miller has proven his critics wrong that 6 foot isn’t tall enough to be a successful quarterback.  Kyle has been training with the QBA team since he was in the 8th grade with the statistics and awards not being the only thing that he took from those experiences.

He became a man.

“One of the best things I liked was not only the fundamental part of it, but the actual message about leadership and becoming a man”, says Miller about his participation at the camps.

Kyle has been to numerous camps, combines and competitions over his years, 17 just his Junior & Senior years.  “I feel like that is something they offer that no other camp does” Miller added.  Kyle believes that QBA had a large part in helping him attain so many of his accolades by not only perfecting his skills but teaching him to prepare mentally.

These skills allowed him to be a great leader on and off the field, “the camps gave me an advantage, making me want to work harder than I ever had before because I finally realized it was not about me, and now I live by that motto”.

This summer Kyle Miller got the opportunity to join the QBA team as a college mentor, and help guide the next generation of quarterbacks to be prepared for greatness.  Feeling like he became a better quarterback himself in this process this will give him a true advantage on his voyage to the college game.  The coaching staff with QBA couldn’t agree more.

Coach and Director of Player Development, Will Hewlett commented on what Kyle brought to the camps and on his future, “he showed that he is going to be a gifted coach, communicating well with all age groups and parents. He has an advanced understanding of the mechanics as well as a special ability to correct all aspects of the QB game”.

Miller started the University of San Diego training camp August 1st and he will be joined by one of his favorite targets on the field, Chris Barrett tight-end who also played at St. Francis.   This combined with USD also using a west coast offense as he did in high school and the knowledge that QBA provided him, Kyle and his coaches are confident he has all the tools he needs to be great.

“I know he is a more confident quarterback going into this season because of the experience of coaching and being around coaches”, stated Coach Hewlett.

Kyle has a very bright future as he plans to continue mentoring with QBA in between college seasons, passing along the life lessons to the next generation to always prepare themselves for greatness.