Super Sophomore: Charlie Rotherham


Most quarterbacks started out at another position and gradually worked their way under center.
Not Charlie Rotherham.
The Green Bay, Wis., native has always been a QB.
“Ever since I could stand up, pretty much,” Rotherham said in a phone interview. “I can’t play anywhere else. I never wanted to play any other position.”
As it turns out, the 6-foot-2, 180-pounder made the right choice at a very young age.
As he heads into his sophomore year at Notre Dame Academy in Green Bay, Rotherham already has an impressive resume and is positioned to start for the Tritons, who went 8-5 under Head Coach John Nowak last season.
Playing quarterback for the Allouez Buccaneers from sixth through eighth grade, Rotherham led his community team to a combined 32-3 record and passed for a staggering 4,280 yards and 82 touchdowns.
Last season, he was the starting junior varsity quarterback at Notre Dame Academy, passing for 12 touchdowns in 10 games and running for six more.
Rotherham has had plenty of help developing into a top-flight QB, including three years with QBA/NFA.
“They put you in game situations,” Rotherham said of working with QBA/NFA. “They’ll break it down for you step by step, what you need to do and how to use what you learn in a game. They explain why you need to use it and how it works. They don’t just do drills and not explain how it fits into being a quarterback. They explain it to you.”
Rotherham has also learned the finer points of being a quarterback from his father Kurt, who played the position at St. Norbert College in De Pere, Wis.
Living in Green Bay has also helped Rotherham advance his skills. Growing up, he got to watch Brett Favre play QB for the Packers, and Rotherham now keeps a close on Pro Bowl QB Aaron Rodgers.
“It’s pretty cool,” Rotherham said. “To have two great quarterbacks right here in your city, I’ve watched both of them play. And you run into them in places like the grocery store.”
Between playing quarterback from such a young age, attending QBA/NFA, working with his father and watching his hometown Green Bay Packers, Rotherham has had a multitude of advantages.
But he also has the size, speed and athletic ability to start at quarterback as a high school sophomore and likely advance to the next level.
Rotherham runs a 4.84 40-yard dash, but he views himself as more of a passing QB that can exploit holes in opposing defenses.
“I’ll run if I have to, but that’s not definitely not my first instinct,” he said. “I think my strength is I’m pretty smart out there. I try to be smarter than the defense and I know how to break them down pretty well.”
That doesn’t mean Rotherham thinks he’s a finished product at quarterback.
“I need to work on footwork a little more and reading the defenses a little quicker,” he said. “I’ll work on getting up to the line before the snap and reading.”
As for playing football in college, Rotherham does not have any set plans.
“My goal is to play anywhere where I’m good enough,” he said. “I want to play anywhere I can get a degree and play the sport I love.”