YouThrow on YouTube!

At DSQA, we are addicted to “making the throw”!  You know that throw that is challenging, fun, and a little crazy at times.  Sometimes its competitive, other times its just about “keeping the dream alive”!  🙂 Whatever the reason, you will be able to view all kinds of interesting and competitive staff throws in this category.  We will add videos of our “throwing conquests” throughout the summer, and you can enjoy them anytime you like.  Now, if you are creative and think you have what it takes to “make that throw”, then  video yourself getting it done, and send it to us.  If it passes the test, we will post it right alongside our throws.  It has to be creative, challenging, and UNEDITED!  It has to be legit…Welcome to YouThrow on YouTube at GET-2-0! youthrow-icon