VIDEO: QBA-trained senior zeroes in on The Fit


BOUNTIFUL, Utah — National Signing Day is less than four weeks away.

What’s the hardest truth in college football recruiting? Any coach who’s not calling you is not recruiting you.

And what if the calls that aren’t coming include a high school junior or senior’s target schools?

For Viewmont High School senior Brennon Flannery, the answer was ProspectFIT. In other words, getting the right exposure to the right college coaches for his academic and athletic abilities. And the right environment for his values and priorities.

mullaney, ryan
Mullaney, head of ProspectFIT

Time is running out for unsigned high school seniors. And that’s where Ryan Mullaney fits in. Mullaney, head of the ProspectFIT program, specializes in helping aspiring college athletes Make The Fit with college programs.

In 2009, Mullaney worked with 24 high school seniors. All 24 have college offers.

When it comes to the college recruiting process, a player’s life can change with a single phone call. There’s still time for high school juniors and seniors to gain the exposure it takes to make those life-changing calls happen.

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Or to take the first step toward the next level with ProspectFIT, email with your name, your QB’s name, and your contact information.

Make The Fit. Get next level. Get-2-0!