VIDEO: ProspectFIT results clear for junior QB


LAS VEGAS, Nevada — At the end of the day, training and development are all about results. And for Conner Smith, a junior QB from Travis High School in Richmond Texas, the results are clear.

This time last year, Smith was working through the 2009 training season with virtually zero national recognition. But the recent DSQA Palo Verde camp in Las Vegas was a milestone of sorts for him.

mullaney, ryan

In roughly six months of work with Ryan Mullaney toward opportunities at the college level, Smith’s results show a world of difference.

Here’s where he stands now:

  • Invited to the US Army Combine in January
  • Nominated for the US Army Bowl next fall
  • Invited to be featured in the Tom Lemming Prep Football Report magazine next year
  • ProspecTRAK Blackshirt at DSQA Palo Verde camp

What a difference a year makes. And what a difference ProspectFIT makes.

Mullaney’s program for development and exposure to college standards and college coaches, known as ProspectFIT, is  available to DSQA players in grades 9-12.

And there’s really no other way to say it. Smith owes his national exposure to ProspectFIT.  None of this national recognition was directed toward Smith prior to September.

smith, conner vert

It seems amazing now that Smith (6-foot-5, 210) made it as far as he did without generating national recognition. Even more impressive is the difference Mullaney and ProspectFIT helped make for Smith in a few short months.

But it’s not as simple as getting attention and feeling satisfied with that. Smith saw the Palo Verde camp as the perfect opportunity to hone his Read & Recognition skills before that US Army Combine in January.

Why? Because in game conditions, a QB has an average of 2.5 seconds from the center exchange to make his read on zone coverage before either delivering his pass or facing the pass rush.

“That’s where Conner is benefitting from DSQA training in R4 skills,” Mullaney said. “The way zone reads are taught to a lot of high school QBs, they can’t make that read in time. R4 is the cure for favorite-receiver syndrome.”

Click here for more information on R4 training videos.

The recent surge of national recognition has only heightened the Smith’s dedication to drive to get next level. A commitment highlighted by his return to Blackshirt training at the DSQA camp over winter break in Orlando.

“I love the energy here (at Palo Verde),” said Bobby Smith, Conner’s father. “DSQA runs a good show.”

Only two more camp opportunities left in 2009:

Get-2-Orlando. Get Blackshirt. Get-2-0!