VIDEO: Academy QB makes miraculous recovery


KNOXVILLE, Tennessee — Few are the words that hit an athlete heavier than, “Out for the season”. Even fewer are the athletes who overcome that evaluation.

Halls High School senior QB Zach Dowdy is one of those few.

Dowdy (6-foot-1, 202) was hospitalized after a car accident and emergency surgery to remove his ruptured spleen last August, just three days before the 2009 season kicked off.

dowdy, zachHere’s a timeline of Dowdy’s senior season:

  • August 13: The projected first-year starter watched his Halls HS teammates open the season on the television in his hospital room, three days after emergency surgery to remove his ruptured spleen. His doctors’ evaluation was that Dowdy was out for the season, and likely would never play football again.
  • September 25: Six weeks after the car accident and emergency surgery, Dowdy split time at QB in a 28-7 loss to Anderson County that dropped Halls to an 0-6 season record.
  • October 2: In his second week back, Dowdy (8 of 9, 125 yards) helped Halls to its first win of the season, 39-0 over Karns.
  • October 9: Halls defeated Hardin Valley 34-13, with Dowdy at QB.
  • October 23: Halls defeated Campbell County 28-13, with Dowdy at QB.
  • October 30: Halls defeated Central 34-20, with Dowdy at QB. Halls finished with a four-game win streak.

Football is about finding a way. And somehow, Dowdy did just that. Six weeks after being assessed as “Out for the Season”, Dowdy found a way. Not just a way back onto the field, but to help his team end the season with four straight wins out of the five games he played.

From “Out for the Season” to one game out of the playoffs, in a matter of weeks. But how?

In the first few days he was out of the hospital, Dowdy started working Ignition Drills and seated throws. He worked with his replacement QB at every Halls practice, doing what he could to help his team.

That’s determination.

That’s walking the Passio Bellator talk.

But Dowdy’s comeback didn’t start when he was released from the hospital. The work started much earlier.

Dowdy’s goal since grade school has been to play college football. After entering high school, he trained every day for three years.

hewlett, will mug

“Zach represents the heart of what we teach in our camps: Passio Bellator,” said Will Hewlett, QBA’s Director of Player Development. “When his dad told me that he was trying to come back and play, based on training Zach I had no doubt that if anyone could do it… he would.”

Now, all the training in the world might not put an athlete in a position to come back from a devastating injury, but then again it can’t hurt the body’s ability to recover.

Dowdy has attended QBA camps in three states during his high school career. Even after his injuries, he remains committed to his training, and to finding an opportunity at the college level.

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