Got what it takes for Prospect Camp Las Vegas?


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Darin Slack Quarterback Academy opens the offseason on Dec. 11 in Las Vegas. This first opportunity to get next level for your 2010 season is an exclusive, invitation-only Prospect Camp featuring ProspecTrak.

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Each of these camps is an advanced training opportunity for returning DSQA players, and for qualifying QBs determined to advance through DSQA In-Camp Assessment.

“This is the most intense and effective training we’ve ever offered,” Coach Darin Slack said. “And that’s why this opportunity is limited to players who are intent on becoming the best of the best.”

Do you have what it takes? Are you ready for this crucial step in training for the next level?

Here’s how to get started on the path to qualifying for our Prospect Camps:

  • Please contact us about your interest in our invitation-only Prospect Camps.
  • Then click here to request an invitation to these limited-availability training opportunities.
  • Certified DSQA coaching staff will provide detailed information on the camp and contact you for an interview to verify your ProspecTrak status.

Just three Prospect Camp opportunities left this year:

Become a prospect. Get next level. Get-2-0!