Training season opens with new focus on future


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LAS VEGAS, Nevada — More than two decades of coaching expertise met the future of QB training last weekend at Palo Verde High School. If the opening camp of DSQA’s 2010 training season is any indication, that future is a bright one.

The Palo Verde camp, about 10 miles northwest of the Vegas strip, saw the rise of the Blackshirts. Named for their black DSQA-issue camp gear, the Blackshirts are players invited to ProspecTRAK — a combination of Dub Maddox’s college-level coaching in R4 principles, and the ProspectFIT college exposure program headed by Ryan Mullaney.

“This college-level teaching is the future of camp training,” said Dub Maddox, DSQA’s Director of Product Development.

Maddox, Dub

“The kids really responded to the higher expectations that come with being Blackshirts,” Maddox said. “And it gave the younger kids the desire to reach that level as well.”

Blackshirts at Palo Verde included:

  • Travis Gipson
  • Ray Rivera
  • Conner Smith
  • Tommy Thorton
  • Kevin Weller
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“ProspecTRAK is a game-changing addition to our camp process,” said Will Hewlett, DSQA’s Director of Player Development.

“I’m looking forward to seeing more Blackshirts at every camp,” Hewlett said. “This training season will be the best yet. Vegas set the standard.”

Any effective training is built on fundamentals, progressions and consistency. That’s absolutely true of DSQA training, from the elite Blackshirts to the Blueshirts and even the QB Next youth players.

One of the top priorities in DSQA training is consistent terminology and coaching points from top to bottom.

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“Seeing our top DSQA certified coaches improving three different age groups of quarterbacks, and with Ryan Mullaney¬†giving our players a whole new awareness of what college recruiting is all about,” said Darin Slack, founder of DSQA, “Our 2010 training and development gameplan raises the bar for what a football camp looks like.”

That fact wasn’t lost on Greg Kinder of Fresno, California. His son Nick is a Blueshirt and a sub-varsity player who moved from linebacker to QB for the 2009 season.

“This camp has been great for us,” Kinder said. “We’ll be back.”

Winter break brings two more Power Camp opportunities, the venue for ProspecTRAK. Both remaining December camps will be in Orlando, Florida.

Get Blackshirt. Get-2-FIT! Get-2-0!