The Most Athletic Quarterback in the World!


Meet Jerry Slota, De Anza College-Cupertino freshman- QB/Slot/TE/DE/LB/KR/PR/anywhere you want play him!

Height:  6’3

Weight: 230lbs

40: 4.6 laser timed

Pro agility: 4:01

Bench: 350lbs

GPA: 3:5

When a quarterback plays more than one other position on the field, it usually means that he’s not good enough to start full time at QB. That is not the case with Jerry Slota. In one game this season, Jerry lined up at 4 different positions in the first half and then finished the second half at Quarterback leading the team back from behind to win 38-13. Hailing from Denver, Slota played some running back, linebacker and wide receiver during the first two quarters of play and then took over QB to finish the job.

Whats unique about Slota is that he has the talent of a D1 Quarterback throwing the football but could probably get a shot at the NFL at linebacker. Initially signing with CU out of High School, Jerry could be the number one player in the county in Junior college next season, that is if he sticks around. He is being heavily recruited by many BCS and FBS school based on his performances again high level CA Junior college.

Plan on seeing Jerry Slota on your flat-screen TV in the very near future.


  1. The world is a big place, but I have looked at 60 hours of video a week all over the country. It is hard to find “football players”. Slota is a football player to the bone…and a pleasure to work with off the field as well.

    One Division I BCS National Championship team head football coach said to his staff two days ago, “Guys we’ve done a great job of getting big, fast and strong kids. The problem is that we forgot the most important thing about recruiting. We need football players. We need more football players. No more offers and no more recruiting just great athletes. FIND ME SOME FOOTBALL PLAYERS!” Jerry Slota is a great football player that happens to play QB. You will see a lot more of this in the future…ala Cam Newton. It ain’t about pretty passing any more. You gotta have game and I mean big game.