Starting the Season of with a Bang!

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Jeff Witthuhn of Greenwood High School has spent his off seasons working on perfecting his skills and working with the National Football Academies to do so.  He has taken to heart the skills they have taught him and they are clearly paying off.  The Gators started off the season with a 4-0 record setting a first ever school record.  Even the rain and mud couldn’t stop QB Witthuhn as he had 199 rushing yards, more than the entire offense of their opponent.

Witthuhn, a junior, has commanded his offense this year with 21 for 33 with 354 yards, 8 passing TDs and only 2 picks in the first 4 games.  Not only has he shown great presence in his passing game, he has also become a dual threat on the ground by running for 333 yards in 31 carries and 2 TD’s.

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The NFA/QBA camps have really helped Witthuhn maximize his potential, “your camps have really taught me the things I need to know to be the best QB I can be” says Jeff.  Witthuhn will have all next offseason to continue to master his skills.

“See you next summer!”

NFA and the Quarterback Academy wishes Jeff the best of luck throughout the remaining season.