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ProspectFIT Question of the Day?

Why does my son need to gain weight?

This is question we get asked frequently from many parents. When we suggest weight gain, we are referring to gaining lean muscle mass. Traditionally parents have viewed the Quarterback position stature more like a baseball player would be.

The reality for the quarterback position is that there is more demand than ever to run the football and extend plays with their feet. The “spread offense” with the Zone Read, is giving shorter quarterbacks more options after high school, thus creating more options in high school.

Coaches want quarterbacks that can take and deliver a hit. A 165lb senior Quarterback can not do or sustain  this effectively and will get eliminated in the recruiting process.

ProspectFIT will get you on the TRAK and provide the development necessary to reaching your high school and collegiate goals.

Players who qualify have an unparalleled opportunity
to develop their skills toward the standards that college coaches
recruit for. And a seamless transition into the college recruiting
process, all in one program.

– ProspecFIT is geared
toward finding “The Fit” for your college career, and setting yourself
up for success in the college recruiting process. It’s your road map to
the next level. And the time to commit to your college career is right

Contact: prospectfit@gmail.com

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New Southern California ProspectFIT rep:



Andrew “Aj” Jackson

Coach Jackson will be running the Southern California Region for ProspectFIT starting fall of 2010. Coach Jackson was a former All American and played on the NFL.

More information will be coming soon.

Diary of a D1 QB:
This is the Story of a Division one Quarterback Trained by QBA on there college journey and experience. The individual must be kept anonymous due to NCAA regulations.
Finally my dream to play college football has arrived! Can not believe camp is about to  start an I’m actually going to be in college. The experience so far has been good,  my days consist of a strength and conditioning workout and lots for throwing with some freshman receivers and working in with the current players on the roster.
College football is big difference from high school! I can not believe the size and speed of some of these current players. Its like the wide outs could play line on my high school team.
Coaching staff is great, we’ve spent a lot of time watching film and studying the offensive play book. Its amazing how much time we spend off the field studying.
So far everything is going pretty well except I have no spare time at all. I think its going to be pretty demanding this fall, not sure how much hanging out I’ll be doing.
Most of the focus this first week has been to weed out the players who don’t belong. This sounds a little rough, but there are a lot of players who like the idea of playing college football who wont actually do the work.  So far its worked…..8 have quit already. Talk to you guys soon …Passio Bellator

D1 Quarterback
QBA Trained and delivered

Pod Training:
Location and times saw

POD training session will resume this week at:

    • Sunday 22nd 4:00pm – 530pm
    • San Ramon Valley High School
501 Danville Boulevard

Danville, CA 94526-2498

Link to pay: $60 for this session

Time and location is subject to change, please frequently check email see any changes.
Please contact me regarding private training or other training opportunities

Please note that my wife is pregnant and may have the baby any day now, I may have to cancel the session.


QBA News:

Iowa quickly becoming a QBA state with two QBA quarterbacks committed to major schools. Jake Rudock, a 5 year QBA veteran Quarterback out of St Thomas Aquainis High school in South Florida committed earlier this month to the Iowa Hawkeyes. Rudock returns as one of the top rated Quarterbacks in the country.

Sam Richardson from Winter Park High School, worked with QBA this past spring refining his mechanics. Richardson ended up selecting Iowa State over Wake Forrest.

Rudock left/ Richardson Right



Quarterback review:
Attacking Cover 2:

SMASH Concept:
The Smash
Route is one of the more popular concepts to attack cover 2. The outside receiver
runs a basic hitch route to a depth of 7 yards. The WR will react to the flat
defender. His reaction is determined by what the flat defender does.  If the Flat defender sits he will mirror him
by sitting or drifting with the flat defender if he drifts.

The inside receiver runs a flag or corner route. Against 2 high safety look,
the slot WR will break his route at approx 10 yards. Some coaches will have the
slot WR make a post stem prior to the corner break.
Back side
slot will run vertical with slight post stem route to hold the safety. Backside
WR will run a dig route at 10-12 yards.
The QB
progression in COV 2 is Corner Route then hitch. The read is based on the
leverage of the cornerback and play side safety. If the cornerback sits, throw
the Corner Route. Cornerback gets depth (unlikely in cover 2) throw the Hitch.


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