ProspecTRAK: Your roadmap to the next level


If you’re a high school athlete looking for opportunities at the next level, your time is now.

Monday marked the opening of the NCAA’s visitation period, the time when college coaches visit high school athletes. National Signing Day is nine weeks away, and the real recruiting for the classes of 2010 and 2011 started this week. For the classes of 2012 and 2013, now is the time to start your progression toward becoming a recruited athlete.

mullaney, ryan
Ryan Mullaney, Head of ProspecFIT

Here’s the bottom line: If you’re a high school junior or senior, any college coach who’s not calling you is not recruiting you.

And the fact is, letting the college recruiting process take care of itself has a success rate of less than 6 percent. Why? College recruiting is a process of elimination, and many athletes don’t put themselves in a position to succeed.

ProspecTRAK can change that, starting this week. ProspecTRAK, DSQA’s invitation-only player promotion and development service is your roadmap to the next level.

This service, available to DSQA athletes for the first time, is brought to you by Ryan Mullaney, head of the ProspecFIT program.

ProspecFIT is a very unique player proposition in that we run an athletic development program,” Mullaney said. “We take on the task of developing high school athletes into collegiate level players to insure our bet that we can help place our client in a program at the next level.”

Mullaney is a veteran high school coach and player promotion specialist, after playing in the NFL, mostly for the Minnesota Vikings and Chicago Bears.

Mullaney currently trains 93 high school athletes across the country. He has helped 24 senior-year athletes as college recruits in 2009. Of those high school seniors, 23 have scholarship offers and the 24th is still being recruited.

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Compare those odds with letting the recruiting process take care of itself, a success rate of less than 6 percent.

“DSQA has been in a perfect position to take the next step beyond youth and high school athletes and training their fundamental skills at quarterback,” Mullaney said. “ProspecFIT is the next logical step for DSQA’s evolution to being a full service provider to the young men they have been teaching for years.”

  • ProspecFIT is geared toward finding the right fit for your college career, and setting yourself up for success in the college recruiting process. It’s your roadmap to the next level. And the time to commit to your college career is right now.
  • ProspecTRAK is a part of the DSQA Prospect Camp series, providing performance assessment opportunities by certified DSQA coaches in an accelerated training atmosphere.
  • Players who qualify for ProspecTRAK will have an unparalleled opportunity to develop their skills toward the standards that college coaches recruit for.

Click here for scheduling details on Prospect Camps, your first chance to participate in this exciting opportunity for players committed to developing potential into next level skills.

Call 866-735-3267 toll free to notify us of your interest in ProspecTRAK. Certified DSQA coaching staff will provide detailed information on player promotion services and Prospect Camps, and will verify your ProspecTRAK status.

National Signing Day is nine weeks away. Will you have the next-level opportunity that’s right for you by then? Don’t let this year’s visitation period pass you by. For high school juniors and seniors, the time to act is now.

ProspecTRAK: Your roadmap to the next level