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Confidence – Character – Commitment – Consistency
Thanks for your flexibility on lasts weeks cancellation due to the birth of my newest addition to my family!   Will get caught up if you missed the last session. Please confirm when if you plan on attending the next session.

Will Helwett
Quarterback Academy

ProspectFIT Question of the Week?

What is the Eyeball Test?

So many athletes don’t get the importance of passing the “eyeball”
test from collegiate coaches.  If you don’t look the part they do not
believe you can play the part. So what is the look?
First you have
to be in shape and look like the position you are going to play.  You
have to work the workouts and get yourself ready to play a collegiate
sport.  Almost no one makes it on natural ability in todays collegiate
programs.  If you are an athlete that isn’t putting the time in in the
gym, weight room and on the track…you won’t pass the test.
this period is an evaluation period for all aspects of who you are as a
student athlete.  That means that the coaches are going to check your
grades.  If your grades are falling then you are falling out of
collegiate contention.  Previously, Colorado State University Head
Football Coach Steve Fairchild boasted that only two of his 22 signees
had under a 3.0 Core GPA and that 9 of his signees had 3.6 or better on a
scale of 4.0.  He was praised by the university for his choices in
student athletes.
Where are you as it relates to physical and
academic impressions to coaches this spring?  You better get on it if
you aren’t already.  Congratulations to those who are cranking.  You
will be the ones that win the prize!

ProspectFIT will get you on the TRAK and provide the development necessary to reaching your high school and collegiate goals.

Players who qualify have an unparalleled opportunity
to develop their skills toward the standards that college coaches
recruit for. And a seamless transition into the college recruiting
process, all in one program.

– ProspecFIT is geared
toward finding “The Fit” for your college career, and setting yourself
up for success in the college recruiting process. It’s your road map to
the next level. And the time to commit to your college career is right


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New Southern California ProspectFIT rep:



Andrew “Aj” Jackson

Coach Jackson will be running the Southern California Region for ProspectFIT starting fall of 2010. Coach Jackson was a former All American and played on the NFL.

More information will be coming soon.

Diary of a D1 QB:
This is the Story of a Division one Quarterback Trained by QBA on there college journey and experience. The individual must be kept anonymous due to NCAA regulations.

So my dream world is quickly over. We had one of the most hardcore weeks I have ever experienced, I think every coaches goal was to get the stragglers to quit. Navy Seal drills for 8 hours on the beach!!! It was the hardest conditioning I have ever done.The good news is that we are finally getting into the offensive playbook.
We been having player organized workouts for throwing, as well as meetings with my QB coach and all the other quarterbacks. Meetings so far have covered basics of the offense, formations, huddle set up and all the other little things you take for granted. We’ve also been having a lot of team meetings on how to conduct ourselves in public and the media. Apparently there are a lot of people that want to take advantage of football players…lol.
Football players have mostly been the only people on campus for the first couple of weeks of August until now!! Starting to get more people on campus, kind of makes it a little more exciting here. Finally get to interact with some other people, not that I don’t want to hang out other football players.  Pads are going on soon, by the time you read this we will be in full swing with two a days.   …Passio Bellator

D1 Quarterback
QBA Trained and delivered

Pod Training:
Location and times saw

POD training session will resume this week at:

    • August 29th 4:00pm – 530pm
    • San Ramon Valley High School
501 Danville Boulevard

Danville, CA 94526-2498

Link to pay: $60 for this session

Time and location is subject to change, please frequently check email see any changes.
Please contact me regarding private training or other training opportunities


QBA News:

Tulane has taken a liking to QBA Quarterbacks. In the past 2 recruiting seasons, the have offered 6 of our quarterbacks. This past summer they finally received two commitments from QBA trained and built quarterbacks.

Fudge Van Hooser (right) from

Trinity Presbyterian School, worked with for the past year attending 6 QBA events. Hooser is a only a sophomore and has displayed enough skill and potential to gain and offer from Tulane. He is one of only a few athletes in the country to actually receive a verbal offer before Junior year. His older brother is already attending on is a scholarship receiver on the team.

Leon Blouin IV (left), Dutchtown Quarterback is one of the most talented duel threat Quarterbacks in the country. His accuracy sets him apart from the competition. First attending a QBA camp over 4 years ago, Blouin has continued to blossom into a major college prospect. He selected Tulane over LA Monroe.


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