Mansur Ivie gives NFA big boost in SoCal, Phoenix

NFA Coach Mansur Ivie

Mansur Ivie gives NFA big boost in SoCal, Phoenix

Mansur Ivie is back home in Southern California, and that is very good news for NFA.
After spending the past three years working with NFA in the Bay Area, the Acton, Calif., native headed back south and Ivie gives NFA a full-time presence in two talent laden areas – Southern California and Phoenix.
“I’m very excited,” Ivie said. “It’s good to be back in Southern California. It still feels like home. We have some promising young players out here and I’m excited to be here and be able to be at their disposal. I’m looking forward to helping develop some of this premier talent that is out here. Being back in Southern California is a big advantage for NFA because I still have strong ties and relationships in the area.”

SoCal, Phoenix OSD camps

From Dec. 26-28, Ivie will be one of NFA’s primary Senior Coaches helping lead the Southern California Off-Season Developmental Camp in Irvine. The key three-day OSD features detailed instruction on the NFA Self Correct System, filming for video analysis and work on fundamental skills.
Ivie can’t wait for the camp to start so rising young quarterbacks can begin serious preparations for the 2015 season.
“I think the OSD camps are very important,” he said. “The competitive timeline in high school has been bumped up by a tremendous amount with the emergence of 7-on-7s becoming such a key aspect in development. So with that, the pace of which these programs are operating at is even higher. Getting hooked up with NFA or with an NFA coach is instrumental to a young man’s development because of the common language, the systematic teaching, the repetitions – they all accelerate improvement and it helps increase confidence and ability. It’s really important for kids to become engaged early on so that way they have time to develop.”
Ivie will also be joining NFA Senior Partner JC Boice and other NFA Senior Certified Coaches at the Phoenix OSD camp, which runs Jan. 9-11. Like Southern California, Phoenix is a booming area for quarterback talent.
“They are very important markets,” Ivie said. “There is a lot of talent that comes out of here and there’s a lot of talent because there are a lot of coaches working with kids out here. At NFA, we are really confident in what we offer and that will help us establish a foothold in Southern California and Phoenix.
“And with Phoenix, it’s a very strong camp for the Western region of NFA,” Ivie added. “It’s very easy for people from Nevada, New Mexico, California, Washington, Utah … it’s very easy for those guys to get in there and it really gives us a great chance to reach some kids that we probably wouldn’t have had an opportunity to work with.”
In addition to becoming NFA’s official QB Coach for Southern California and Phoenix, Ivie will be providing small group training and one-on-one sessions as followup training to athletes that attend the SoCal and Phoenix OSDs.

Fast track

NFA is thrilled to have Ivie as a permanent presence in Southern California and Phoenix to provide on-going developmental support for quarterbacks in those regions.
“Coach Ivie has risen very fast in NFA,” said Boice, who also serves as NFA’s Director of Business Development and Strategic Alliances. “I have not been surprised. He is a deeply committed teacher of skills and he has very high energy. If you combine that with his intelligence and his commitment to the mastering of the NFA system and philosophy, you are going to get a very impactful coach. That whole region in Southern California and Phoenix is very lucky to have him. He will make a difference in both a young man’s game and his life.”
Ivie has been on a very fast track with NFA since June of 2010, when he became a Certified Coach. Prior to that, he served as the Junior Varsity Head Coach/Offensive Coordinator at Golden Valley High School in Santa Clarita, Calif., and he also coached at College of the Canyons.

NFA a perfect fit

When he decided to specialize in training quarterbacks, Ivie discovered NFA was a perfect fit.
“Like many of our certified coaches, I came to National Football Academies just wanting to better myself and better serve the people I already had access to,” he said. “A goal of mine has always been to work towards football in a full-time capacity. It just so happened that with where I was at that time in 2010, NFA was that opportunity for me and I took it. I absolutely enjoy it. It’s been an absolute blast and I look forward to keeping it going.”
Ivie continues taking on bigger roles with NFA. After initially becoming a Certified Coach, he branched out and began working full-time with NFA in logistics and coordinating the coach certification program.
“He is an experienced coach and he’s always had lots of energy and a hunger to learn more,” Boice said. “He’s done a great job and that is only going to continue. He has really risen in terms of his abilities to coach athletes and develop them into very, very good quarterbacks.”


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