Make no mistake: Edward Plitt will surprise you


The Quarterback Academy (QBA), which provides quarterback training and qb camps to aspiring athletes, closed out the 2010 off-season camp tour with one of the strongest Quarterback competitions in the country, “The Duel of the Dozens”. “We’re really excited to get this competition in the books for 2010, we had 120 quarterbacks at the skills camp and 60 compete in the competition.” says Will Hewlett, Director of Player Development and Camp Director. “The competition had representation from Oklahoma, Virginia, Texas, New York and Nebraska to name a few states, as well as a strong representation from local Florida Quarterbacks.”

For the 11th and 12th grade division, Sawyer Kollmorgan, Jenks Trojan Quarterback from Oklahoma, delivered an outstanding performance taking home the top QB award for the entire event. Colton Schulenberg from Illinois came in second place followed by local star Tony Diviney from Tampa, Florida. “As a Quarterback Coach, it was fun to watch all the upper classman rise to the occasion and pull away from the rest of the competitors. They all put their game faces on and took care of business.”

Rounding out the top performers and considered an underdog by most, Edward Plitt from Eastport South Manor high school in New York came down to Orlando and brought his “A Game”. Plitt, going into his final year, proved why he’ll make a name for himself in 2010 by scoring a perfect 10 on the coverage recognition drill. “We’ve seen Eddie Plitt improve dramatically over the past 3 years. His hard work has paid off and you can see that from the results of the competition. We have structured the Duel to represent game like situations as much as possible in order to make sure the most well rounded quarterbacks do well. Plitt displays many skill sets as a QB, which allowed him to compete at a very high level. We look forward to following him in 2010” says Coach Hewlett.
With a first look at Plitt, he doesn’t necessarily fit your standard pro-style quarterback frame. He’s not 6‘5” so he won’t stand out at first. However, pay close attention and he shows you why he is among the best Quarterbacks.  Fluid mechanics and smart decisions separate Eddie from most other QB’s. “He’s not going to blow you away by throwing the ball 80 yards down the field, but he will catch you off guard and make sure that defenses pay for their mistakes” stated one of the QBA certified coaches.

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