Coach Hewlett’s Top College QB


“Fit the mold”

“Fit the mold” quarterbacks represent the standard NFL style QB. This assessment does not mean that they are guaranteed success at the NFL level but should be drafted high.

Ryan Mallett QB Arkansas 6-6/238 Texarkana, TX

  • May have the strongest arm in the NFL right now! Can make all the throws on the field and now begins to lead lead Arkansas the way a Quarterback should. Moves decent for  a large QB, can keep a play going with his arm.  – Compares to Joe Flacco

    Ryan Mallett – Image courtesy of Yard Barker

Andrew Luck QB Stanford 6-4/235 Houston, TX

  • One of the more consistent Quarterbacks in the NCAA, has NFL arm as a 3rd year player. Can keep the offense moving with his legs or arm. Not afraid to tuck and run. Won’t surprise you with break away speed but will catch you off guard with scrambling skills. – Compares to Peyton Manning

Jake Locker QB Washington 6-3/226 Ferndale, WA

  • Came to Washington making plays with his feet and arm, part of one of the largest program turnarounds in college. A more QB polished Tim Tebow comparable in style and upside. If he throws well in his NFL work outs, may be a top 15 pick  in the draft.

Terrelle Pryor QB Ohio State 6-6/233 Jeannette, PA

  • Slowly but surely becoming a very accurate passer. He completed a school record 16 passes in a row against Miami. The upside for Terrelle is his ability to tuck the ball and run better than almost any QB in college.  A Pro style Quarterback with Duel threat skills. Still needs some refinement with mechanics but has a huge upside. – Randal Cunningham

Jerrod Johnson QB Texas A&M 6-5/243 Houston, TX

  • If you haven’t heard of Johnson yet, you will soon. Very talented thrower as well as runner. Tabbed as an Athlete coming out of high school, with some mechanical improvement will have a great shot at developing to a NFL QB.  – Byron Leftwitch

“Break the mold”

– Quarterback that would be rated higher if they fit the standard “6’3 230” NFL mold or were in pro style offenses.

Kyle Parker QB Clemson 6-0/200 Bantram Trail, FL

  • Drafted in  the 1st round for Baseball, very talented athlete. Started as a freshman and can make almost any throw on the field. Very good at extending the play and throwing out side the pocket.  Tends to be  a little careless with his mechanics but plays like a true gun slinger- Plays like  a mini Brett Favre
Kyle Parker – Image courtesy of Icon SMI

Denard Robinson QB Michigan 6-0/188 Deerfield Beach, FL

  • Robinson is leading  the nation in rushing and total offense, he is a play maker and has the ability to  score on any play. Similar to Michael Vick, we will see how he develops into as a passer over the next 2 years. Has displayed good arm strength and throws a nice ball.

Kellen Moore QB Boise State 6-0/187 Prosser, WA

  • Smartest Quarterback in college, talented lefty, undersized and does not have the strongest arm. Amazing anticipation, field vision and makes clutch throws when the pressure is on. Moore is a winner and may win the Heisman trophy this season- compares to Drew Brees

Case Keenum QB Houston 6-2/210 Abilene, TX

  • “system QB” puts up huge numbers. Extremely accurate, Keenum would play for any major college if reevaluated. Moves well in the pocket, extremely quick trigger. – compares to Kevin Kolb

    Case Keenum – thanks to

“Something to prove”

Quarterback that are worth mentioning

Matt Barkley QB USC 6-2/220 Newport Beach, CA

  • Great frame, can make most throws, throws a fluttery ball from time to time. Could have as much upside as any quarterback in college. Unfairly overrated with surrounding talent.

Colin Kaepernick QB Nevada 6-6/220 Milweaukee, WI

  • Vince Young II- has a cannon! Can run as good as any quarterback in college, may be the best duel threat QB. If he can refine his throwing mechanics, will push to be a very good QB in the near future. Is worth drafting based on college production and athleticism. Has been a huge part of the Nevada turn around.

Blaine Gabbert QB Missouri 6-5/235 Ballwin, MO

  • Big frame, big arm. Highly touted coming out of high school.  Has a pro style frame, supposedly runs sub 4.5 40! Will have to overcome the system tag at the next level.

Robert Griffin QB Baylor 6-3/200 , TX

  • Fast, athletic coming of a season ending injury from 2009. Will get a look at the next level because of the play making ability.

Nick Foles QB Arizona 6-5/245 Austin, TX

  • Have not see a lot of film on Foles yet, has a high completion % and has NFL frame and look.

Jacory Harris QB Miami-FL 6-4/200 Miami, FL

  • Throws on of the best deep ball in college. Ice cold on the field, has a large upside.

Cameron Newton QB Auburn 6-6/250 College Park, GA

  • Big frame, big arm, needs to prove him self with a full season under pressure and higher level of play. The SEC will do that.


  1. Nice write-up. Ryan Mallett is going to be something. How about Taylor Martinez? Maybe you could trade him for Locker….Although he does not always get 2-0.

  2. Totally agree, I really like Taylor. He’s still very young and will be a huge weapon for Nebraska for the next couple seasons. We will see how he develops as a passer in the spread offense. Locker had a terrible game but is worth investing in long term based on previous games.