CJFL Coach of Year JC Boice resigns from Westshore Rebels to focus on family, QB development


JC Boice, the 2016 Canadian Junior Football League Coach of the Year, has made a difficult decision – he is resigning from Victoria’s Westshore Rebels football program to focus on family and further accelerate quarterback development in the United States and Canada.
Boice is leaving a program that is now a recognized brand of excellence across Canada and was the 2016 BCFC Cullen Cup champion. Boice and the Rebels’ past season ended with a close loss in the Canadian Bowl National Championships, finishing No. 2 in Canada.
“I am extremely proud of our effort,” Boice said. “I have done my job to the extent that the Rebels have stabilized and should continue to climb. During our growth phase we attracted some good new people. The Rebels have have a very solid coaching staff, they have great facilities and will continue to have access to the WTA training facility. We have laid the foundation and provided the blueprint for sustainable success.”

Remarkable rebuild

Boice took over the Rebels before the 2015 season. At that time, the program was mired in the basement of the BCFC and had only 23 athletes on the roster along with three coaches.
Undaunted, Boice recruited top players and coaches from across Canada and guided the Rebels to the 109th annual Canadian Bowl this past season.
“We worked for it and we did it,” said Boice, who has a long track record of establishing successful football programs. “I guess I’m just a builder by nature. I love the challenge and the reward of a build. I greatly valued my time with the Rebels and I’m proud of what we did. Some very talented and very determined people joined me in turning this organization around for this great Westshore community.”
Should a need ever arise in the future, Boice would definitely consider a return to the sidelines.
“Myself and our entire Rebels coaching staff was 100 percent volunteer,” he said. “We are the only staff in the CJFL that coach without compensation. That commitment brought us all very close together and I am very proud of the work they put in and the job they did. As the head coach, I was just the tip of the spear.
”I am a person of faith and when I took the Rebels on two years ago, I knew it was what I was supposed to do. It was my calling. I truly want to thak everyone, especially Victoria and the Westshore community. The South Island is an amazing place with wonderful people.”
While it is very difficult for Boice to depart, he takes great comfort in knowing the Rebels’ program is in a very good place and in equally good hands.
“I believe there’s a group of people now in place that are unified and will continue to build on the great things that have been started,” Boice said. “President Doug Koybayashi continues to provide stability and new Rebels GM Jonathan Poppit is now going to put his mark on the Rebels moving forward. I have strongly encouraged my assistant head coach, Shane Beatty, to apply for the head coaching position and I have encouraged Jonathon and the board to retain Beatty and the remainder of the staff we assembled over the last two seasons. Coach Beatty and our staff have brought tremendous passion, commitment and skill to the Rebels’ organization.”

Family values

Moving forward, Boice is going to devote his time to his family and continue building the highly successful National Football Academy, where he serves as senior certified quarterback instructor/evaluations coordinator and the director of business development and strategic alliances.
“While I am struggling with the decision to depart from the Rebels, I am now in a season where I want to focus more on building my family and building NFA,” Boice said. “My amazing wife Janine has been very supportive of my time spent with the Rebels. Now I have the opportunity to support Janine and help her build her growing opportunities. My son Court is playing football at University of Alberta and I want to be able to travel and watch him play. My oldest daughter Karter is also at the University pursuing her career as a trauma nurse and I want to be available to support her more. My daughter Brook is loving life here in Victoria and preparing to graduate from Pacific Christian. Brook is doing some amazing things and I want to be able to be with her more for the last few months she has in our home. My youngest daughter Jordan just came through some very challenging health issues and I’ve learned that life is very precious and I want to spend more with her. And my little boy Landon is growing up fast and I don’t want to lose anymore moments with him. It’s just time to build on my family.”

NFA roots

Leaving the Rebels is also going to allow Boice to devote more time to NFA. He has received offers to coach several NCAA and Canadian CIS programs but has declined all overtures to refocus on his executive position with NFA.
“I am stepping back from team coaching all together and going back to football program consulting and high-end quarterback development,” Boice said. “There are some tremendous opportunities right now with NFA and my partners (Darin Slack and Dub Maddox) need my focus on supporting our clients. NFA’s new R4 Football Systems are exploding and changing the game of football. Dub and Darin have done an amazing job with R4 and we are preparing to announce some new developments that I am looking forward to building. Darin and Dub and all of NFA Nation have been very supportive of the Rebels’ program and have been patient with me as I dedicated so much time throughout the building process.”
Boice has spearheaded NFA training throughout Canada in recent years and that trend is going to increase.
“I am going to be spending a lot more time on quarterback development in Canada,” he said. “There are some great players and programs up here and I have been hindered by my time commitment to the Rebels. Now I will be more able to focus on those programs, coaches and players. NFA is going to be more aggressive in bringing our quarterback/receiver and passing game systems to Canadian programs. There was a lot of NFA in the Rebel turnaround. A lot! NFA has so much to offer and these Canadian coaches and players deserve the chance to be exposed to it. Getting things going in Canada is a new challenge I am looking forward to.”
Below are links to Canadian sites where NFA training opportunities are going to be available in 2017:

February 3: Vancouver, BC

March 5 – 6: Toronto, Ontario

March 7 – 8: Halifax, Nova Scotia

March 9: Winnipeg, Manitoba

March 10 – 11: Calgary, Alberta

March 11 – 12: Edmonton, Alberta

March 30: Vancouver, BC

April 20: Vancouver, BC

May 26 – 27: Montreal, Quebec

June 10 – 11: Calgary, Alberta

June 11 – 12: Edmonton, Alberta

July 14 – 16: Victoria, BC

Regina, Saskatchewan – Date TBD

If you are interested in attending an NFA Camp in Canada or US or hosting a QB Camp or Clinic, please email: nfacoach@gmail.com