Trey Wheeler is entering his senior year at Liberty High School, a consistent competitor of the upper tier of the 3A division along with a 2nd place finish in the State Championship in 2009.  As Trey enters his last year of high school football he definitely has his sights set on that title for 2010.  Liberty will begin their season on September 3rd facing the reigning 4A State Champions, Bellevue High School.

In his off-season Trey has spent his time at many camps, clinics and tournaments including QBA camps and competing in the Washington All-Star 7v7 Tournament perfecting his skills to help him reach that title game in 2010 and to help him solidify an offer from an NCAA school.  He seems to be headed in the right direction as earlier this summer Wheeler received his first offer, Wyoming.  Trey has not yet accepted his offer until he has a chance to visit the school and potentially see what else comes his way but one thing is for sure, his hard work and dedication to the game has paid off.

Coach and Director or Operations for QBA, JC Boice has had the privileged of working with Trey and is sure wherever he ends up that they will get a great quarterback.  “Trey is just flat out one of the most focused kids I know and his preparation reflects in his game.  He is just always a gamer when it really counts”, says Boice.

Not only has Trey been participating in the QBA camps since the 7th grade, he is also one of the original athletes to join in the ProspectFIT program that specializes in training and development of upper echelon high school players to get to the next level.  Coach Boice on Wheeler’s progress:

“Trey really represents the growth in our company.  Even at the early age he was very driven to become a great football player and we realized we needed to provide a complete development track for taking a young athlete like Trey and advance them to assist in achieving their goals.”

Along with many others, Trey’s accomplishments have proven the program highly successful.

“Trey is one of the first of many QBs coming through our development system that are not only great QB’s but great young men.”

And on September 3rd when the 2010 season begins for this Senior, those remaining schools that still have Wheeler on their recruiting boards will get to see just how great he can be.  QBA congratulates Trey on his first offer from Wyoming and of all there is to come for him.