Jake Rudock commits to Iowa

Photo courtesy of Rivals.com

Jake Rudock has all the intangibles of a great quarterback.  The 6’3, 180lb junior has tremendous athleticism, leadership and experience.  As a two year starter for St. Thomas Aquinas, his status as one of the best quarterback prospects in the nation is well earned.

Jake’s evolution as a quarterback began as a result of his prowess on the baseball diamond.  He began playing quarterback as a 7th grader, when his baseball coaches recognized his ability to throw.  “I was a baseball player my whole life” said Jake.

Early on, Jake worked to adapt his throwing motion, seeking personal training from Darin Slack.  Jake said “I’ve been working with Darin for four or five years.  I’ve lost track of how many camps I’ve been to.”

“I didn’t know how to throw until I started working with Darin.  He taught me how to correctly throw a football.  And he taught me how to give hand-offs and about play action.  He taught me everything”.

But being exposed to proper mechanics is only a small piece of Jake’s identity as a quarterback.  Jake has committed himself to out-work the competition.  He focuses on refining and perfecting his mechanics, while supporting his athleticism with rigorous 4 day-a-week strength and speed sessions.  And the results speak for themselves: Jake completed 65% of his passes last year, with 34 TD’s and only 5 interceptions.

However, Jake doesn’t care much for statistics.  His eyes are on more significant things.  “As long as we win, I don’t care.  That’s the most important thing” he said.

Jake’s team oriented attitude demonstrates the leadership and humility required of a great leader.  He credits his success to teamwork.  “We have really strong chemistry.  I do my job and trust them to do theirs, and we’ve got athletes” he added with a smile.

Experience has also been an asset for Jake.  Jake started two games as a sophomore and became the full time starter as a junior, leading nationally ranked St. Thomas Aquinas to a 13-1 record.

Despite the pressure of playing for national power St. Thomas Aquinas, Jake looks at the exposure positively.  “We have three or four televised games a year” he said.  “It’s pretty exciting knowing that it’s what the college guys do and play on TV.”

Jake Rudock just committed to the Iowa Hawkeyes this past week.