Diary of D1 QB


Finally my dream to play college football has arrived! Can not believe camp is about to  start an I’m actually going to be in college. The experience so far has been good,  my days consist of a strength and conditioning workout and lots for throwing with some freshman receivers and working in with the current players on the roster.
College football is big difference from high school! I can not believe the size and speed of some of these current players. Its like the wide outs could play line on my high school team.
Coaching staff is great, we’ve spent a lot of time watching film and studying the offensive play book. Its amazing how much time we spend off the field studying.
So far everything is going pretty well except I have no spare time at all. I think its going to be pretty demanding this fall, not sure how much hanging out I’ll be doing.
Most of the focus this first week has been to weed out the players who don’t belong. This sounds a little rough, but there are a lot of players who like the idea of playing college football who wont actually do the work.  So far its worked…..8 have quit already. Talk to you guys soon …Passio Bellator