Max Marsh making it happen at QB


Max Marsh making it happen at QB

Max Marsh has been playing quarterback the past two years for the West Raiders in Grand Junction, Colo. In both seasons, he’s led his team to the league Super Bowl.

“That’s the biggest goal, getting to the Super Bowl and winning the championship,” Marsh said. “We’ve played in it twice. Two years ago we got there and won. This year we lost, but I still think it was a really good season.”

The numbers back up that statement. Not only were the Raiders 8-1, Marsh completed 70 percent (53 of 78) of his passes for 1,040 yards and 20 touchdowns. He threw only 2 interceptions.

“I’m really happy with my improvement, from how the season started to how it ended,” Marsh said. “By the end of the season, I could read coverages a lot better, I got faster and I was able to throw the football farther.”

Before moving to quarterback as a fifth grader, and stepping back under center this past season, Marsh played on the offensive line. It sure looks like he’s landed in the right position.

“Playing quarterback, being the leader and speaking up in the huddle are some of the things I like to do,” Marsh said. “And leading the offense, throwing the ball and just having fun. We run the spread offense, and that’s another thing I like about being at quarterback.”

Blackshirt boost

Looking to enhance his overall game at QB, Marsh has been attending NFA camps the past two years, and he’s also a Blackshirt. “The Blackshirt Program is a fully comprehensive program that accelerates an athlete’s maturation, increases milestone progress awareness and leaps the athlete years ahead of his chronological age,” said NFA Founder and President Darin Slack. “Created for students dedicated to the sport, wearing the black shirt means committing to exceeding his potential in play, leadership and life investment.”

Shawn Marsh, Max’s father, is the Head Coach at Central High School in Grand Junction, and he first became familiar with Coach Slack and NFA while attending a coaching clinic. “I heard Coach Slack speak about the R4,” Shawn Marsh said. “I did research on NFA and the thing I like about it, the reason we have Max in the Blackshirt program, they don’t make any promises that the kid is going to be a Division I player. The thing that they said is, ‘We’re going to work so that your kid can play two grade levels above where they’re at.’ I like that and that’s a very good goal and mission with the kids. It’s been a great thing and it’s also been nice working with Coach (JC) Boice. It helps to drive Max. He’s very focused on what he’s doing and he’s getting better.”

Max Marsh is staying in shape during the off-season by participating in wrestling. But even with all the snow on the ground, football remains the No. 1 priority.

“I’ve been working out every Tuesday and Thursday, and I throw the football every day of the week,” Marsh said. “There’s also wrestling and conditioning, so every day I’m doing something to get ready for next season.”




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